Matthew and Daniel

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Matthew and Daniel

Daniel sighed and rested his chin on his hand, not taking his eyes off Matthew. ?How can anybody be so perfect?? he asked himself. ?I love the way his mouth hangs open all the time; it makes him look really cute. Must be the braces.? Daniel?s eyes flickered over to the mirror in the corner of the classroom, and saw his reflection. He had dark brown hair and eyes; he was average height - about 5?5 - for his age (which was 18 years old like everybody in his class). Daniel happened to be very attractive and handsome, but years of being bullied by those immature kids had left him thinking that he was ugly and stupid. Now he looked at Matthew.
Matthew was short, about 5? 0, and was slim and lithe, but he was also very athletic and was in the team for soccer. Matthew had light blonde hair and light blue?grey eyes. He wore braces (which were barely noticeable unless you stare a lot like Daniel does) and wore glasses like Daniel. Matthew was also very attractive. In Daniel?s eyes Matthew was beautiful, perfect?
Daniel jumped as he heard his name said by the teacher. He looked at the Religious Studies teacher and saw the amused smile on his face. He had been caught not listening. That was embarrassing!
?Ahm?could you?repeat the question please?? Daniel blushed as he heard the other classmates snigger. He glanced at Matthew and his heart sank as he saw Matt was laughing too.
On the contrary, Matthew was at this time staring at Daniel and smiling, thinking about how adorable Dan looked when he was embarrassed. When he blushed it made him look even cuter. As Daniel glanced at him, he looked away, slightly afraid that xxx sex video download free com he might have been caught staring. He looked to his left and saw that his /friend/best-friend/">best friend Asif was looking at him knowingly. Matthew looked away, suddenly very interested in his notes.
Asif smiled and shook his head. Poor Matt. Matt had been in love with Daniel for the past, what, two years? Asif had only known for a couple of weeks, but he still felt sorry for them. Asif had also learned that Daniel was bisexual and in love with Matthew a few days ago. Neither of them had any idea. Asif let his eyes wander over his classmates, resting them on Hywel. He began to wonder to himself. Hywel was Daniel?s best friend. Did he know that Daniel was bisexual? Did he know that Daniel was in love with Matthew?
After school ended, Asif walked up to Hywel as he was walking home. They both walked along the same route. They began to talk, and Asif suddenly said:
?Hywel, do you know my brother Anil?? Anil, Hywel and Matthew all went to choir together. Hywel replied by saying ?Yeah, and I?m okay with the gay thing.?
Asif smiled and said, ?So you?re okay with homo and bisexuality??
?Yeah. Why d?you ask??
?Did you know that Daniel is bisexual??
?Yes I did.?
?Did you know he has a crush on Matthew? A big one.?
?Yes. How d?you know all this Asif??
?He told me. One time I caught him staring at Matthew all Maths lesson. I sussed it and he told me everything. You know, Matthew feels the same way about Dan.?
?You?re joking??
Hywel grinned and said excitedly ?That?s great! That?s really wonderful! They?ll be so happy!?
Asif smiled back at him and replied: ?Yeah, it is. But we have to set them up properly. And, of course, we have to bet. If we can get them alone in the same room, how long do you think it will take for something to happen??
?45 minutes??
?I got ?10 says 30.?
?You?re on.?

Later that night, Daniel was lying in his bed trying to get to sleep. Without being able to help it, he started to think about Matthew. He thought about Matt?s perfect features, perfect laugh, and perfect smile. He hugged the pillow to his chest and thought ?Why can?t I be with him? I?d die just to hug him, to feel his arm, his leg, or his chest against mine. Every inch of him?with me?? a single tear flowed unchecked down his cheek and slowly he drifted off to sleep.

It was after school on Friday. Matthew looked at his watch and sighed. 4:10. Where was Asif? They were supposed to meet to go to Pizza Hut. Matthew shrugged to himself and sat down in the French classroom, looking out the window. He blinked as he realised Daniel was standing almost directly out side the window, not seeing him and talking to a few friends. Daniel and Matthew both had a lot of friends, since they were both nice and friendly. Daniel was also very sweet and funny, which combined with the other two attributes made him instantly likeable. Matthew smiled to himself and watched Daniel thinking to himself: how can anyone be that handsome? Suddenly he drew his breath in sharply he realised that Daniel was coming in here! As the door opened and Daniel said goodbye to his friends, Matt sat back and tried to look bored.
Daniel then turned and saw Matt for the /first-time/">first time. ?Matty! Watcha doing in here then??
Matt smiled as he heard Dan call him ?Matty?. It was cute. Nobody else did. ?I?m waiting for Asif. We?re going to Pizza Hut later. What?re you here for??
?I?m waiting for Hywel, I?m a bit late though. Hey, Hywel?s not here yet! Right, I?ve been here the whole time okay??
Matt smiled and said ?You?re secret?s safe with me!? ?I wish you knew my secret?? he thought to himself.
Dan grinned at him and they started to talk about some Maths teacher, making fun of him light-heartedly. Dan made a joke that really cracked Matthew up and Daniel started to wish he was somewhere else. Not because he didn?t enjoy Matt?s company, he did, but being so close to Matthew all the time was killing him. Suddenly he?d had enough. ?If I die, I want to die happy!? he thought to himself. Since they were sitting quite close to each other, Daniel just had to lean forward slightly and touch his lips to Matthew?s in a brief kiss. As he leaned back he saw the absolute shock on Matt?s face and instantly knew he?d made a huge mistake.
?Oh, god, Matt, I?m so sorry?I didn?t, I?m really sorry?? Daniel began to apologise like a madman, and got up to go, figuring that Matthew probably didn?t want anything to do with him now.
As he stood up, Matthew slipped his hand into Daniel?s and stood, pulling Daniel over to him and kissing him back on the lips. As Matthew pulled away and looked into Daniel?s eyes, Daniel felt a mixture of emotions, the main one being shock. Then he felt Matthew?s soft, warm lips on his again in a more tender kiss, and he suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. He slid his arms over Matthew?s back and hugged him to himself, tightly but gently. Matthew?s moaned softly into the kiss, as he felt Daniel?s strong, warm arms wrap around him and hold him. God, how long he?d wanted to feel that! Slowly he worked his mouth open, and slid his tongue out to softly press against Daniel?s lips. At first Daniel was a little startled, but then he opened his own mouth and allowed Matt?s probing tongue to enter his mouth, moving his own tongue up to meet Matt?s, and they began to /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss. As they were twirling their tongues over one another?s, they unfortunately felt the need to breathe and they were forced to break their first real kiss.
Matthew smiled at Daniel and leant forward to whisper into Dan?s ear ?I love you Dan.? and rested his head on Daniel?s shoulder. Daniel kissed the top of Matt?s head, whispering to him ?I love you too Matty.? and hugged him tighter, but still being as gentle as possible. After a while, Matthew pulled away, and asked Dan what he was doing on the weekend.
?Same thing I do every weekend.? Was Daniel?s reply.
?What?s that??
Matthew smiled and asked ?Do you want to stay over my house for the weekend??
Daniel?s heart quickened. ?Sure! Let me just call my Mum, oh and Hywel as well.? He dug out his mobile phone from sexxxx video ful hd one of his pockets and called his Mum. ?Hey Mum, listen can I stay around Matt?s house for the weekend? Great. Yeah? Okay. Alright.? He put his hand over the mouthpiece and told Matt it was alright, but his Mum wanted to run his clothes and toothbrush etc. into school. Then he called Hywel and said sorry, but he was going to have to blow him off. Hywel said that was cool, he?ll do something with Daniel next weekend, if he?s not seeing Matt. ?Wait, how did you know?? but Hywel had already hung up. Daniel shrugged and put his phone away. He turned around and saw Matthew on his phone, telling Asif that sorry, he had to blow him off. Matt smiled; obviously Asif had said that was fine and then Matthew looked puzzled and started to ask how Asif knew?but then realised Asif had hung up and put his phone away. Meanwhile Daniel had put two and two together, but didn?t say anything. Seeing Daniel looking at him, Matthew smiled warmly and kissed Daniel quickly on the lips, before running to get his bag.