Consoling Caroline

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Consoling Caroline

I was just completing the bank reconciliation when Mr Walker entered the room. Mr Walker was one of the partners of the accountancy firm where I worked and when he visited my office it was usually to give me work. I looked up from my desk wondering what he wanted.

?Marie, you better go down and see to Caroline.? He said with a troubled look on his face. ?She is very upset.?

?Why what?s the matter?? I asked, concerned why Caroline could be so distressed.

?Her husband just called. It appears that she has received some /bad/">bad new.? Replied Mr Walker. ?Could you go and look after her, Marie.

?Yes, of course, Mr Walker.? I said sincerely. I really liked Caroline and would do my best to help her. I put away the working papers I was working on in a folder and placed them at the side of my desk. It was 1994 and, in these days, personal computers were not yet in common use in accounting offices like ours.

I worked as a trainee accountant for a small accounting firm which employed about forty staff members. The office was located in a large converted house. I normally worked in a small room upstairs with another female colleague. So I went downstairs to the room where the Caroline had her desk.

Caroline worked in a large room which contained five desks. When I entered she was sitting sobbing at her desk, her face obscured by her long straight blond hair. Two of our male colleagues were there. One of them, called Simon, had put his arm round her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her, while Jack was standing watching the scene.

Jack turned round and looked at me. I was a very attractive woman with shoulder length dark hair and usually wore feminine clothes that suited me well. As usual I was dressed in a fashionable and stylish manner, wearing a lacy bra underneath a white blouse, a close fitting grey knee length business skirt, dark nylon stockings and grey high-heeled shoes. So it was no /surprise/">surprise that he gazed at me a moment, his eyes flitting from my breasts, to my hips, the hem of my skirt and finally to back to my pretty face. I was always quite flattered by the attention of my male colleagues. But today I was concerned about Caroline.

?What?s happened?? I whispered to Jack as I watched poor Caroline sobbing uncontrollably at her desk.

?I think her dad died. Her husband just phoned to give her the news.? Replied Jack softly. ?He?s coming to pick up her up later.?

I saw Simon was beginning to lean a bit too close to Caroline to be just comforting her. It was xxx clear that my intervention was necessary.

?Ok, Simon, I will deal with it from here.? I said firmly. Caroline was a gorgeous young woman and I was concerned Simon may do something silly while she was in such a vulnerable state. I know that he liked Caroline romantically and I didn?t want either of them to get into trouble.

Like me, Caroline was a trainee accountant. She had joined the company straight from university a year before. I was twenty four and one year ahead of her. I was single at the time. But Caroline was married, a fact that was a source of great disappointment to the numerous admirers among her male colleagues in the company, of whom the most fervent was definitely Simon.

I walked up to Caroline and Simon reluctantly stood aside. I put my hands on her shoulders, feeling the smooth material of her white blouse under my fingers.

?Come on Caroline.? I said softly. ?Come up to my room and we?ll sort you out.?

?But I have to finish the accounts for Fishers and Co.? She sniffled, tears streaming from her eyes.

Caroline was one of these girls who was universally popular, and deserved to be. She was cheerful, friendly, generous, loyal and a hard worker.

?Oh, don?t worry about that now. ? I whispered. ?This is an exceptional circumstance. Come on, let?s go!?

She nodded and slowly got up from her desk. I put my arm around her and guided her up the stairs to the room where I worked. We passed Mr Walker on the way up.

?I?m just going to let her sit in my room for a while, Mr Walker.? I said to him. ?She just needs a little time to herself.?

?That?s fine, Marie.? He replied. ?I tell everyone not to disturb you.?

We entered the room where I worked and I shut the door. My office was a closed off square room. There was a window on the wall opposite to the door and two long desks were place along each of the side walls. In theory, four people could work in the room. But these days, only I and Melissa, who was a qualified accountant, worked here. Melissa was out of the office to see clients today.

We stood in my office and I put my hand on Caroline?s shoulders. She was still sobbing, wiping her tears with a tissue. I felt so sorry for her.

?Do you want me to leave?? I asked her, thinking she may want to be left alone in her grief.

?No. Please stay with me, Marie.? She sobbed and embraced me.

I was a little taken aback. Although, Caroline and I had chatted on occasions and as colleagues, we were not that close. We worked for different partners and had never worked together on an audit or accounting assignment.

Despite this, I did like her as a person, and wanted to do my best to console her. So I put my arms round her and held her tight. I moved my hands down to her slim waist, feeling her smooth shapely figure beneath the material of her blouse.

?Let?s sit down.? I said softly.

I pulled up two chairs and we sat beside each other. I was sitting to her right and she placed her head on my left shoulder still sobbing. The palm of her hands were lying on her cream coloured skirt. I place my right hand on her left hand and caressed her fingers. I couldn?t help admiring the sparkle of the diamonds on her engagement ring and the white gold of her wedding band.

?I?ll miss him so much.? Sobbed Caroline, referring to her deceased father. ?I can?t believe he is gone.?

?I know.? I said softly.

I didn?t really know what to say. I moved my right hand onto her right knee and caressed the material of her brown nylon stockings or tights. Caroline just continued sobbing on my shoulder.

I looked at her as she sat beside me. She really was a /sexy/sexy-girl/">sexy girl. As well as the cream skirt and brown nylons, she was wearing a pair of brown knee length boots. I moved my hand down and caressed the top of her right boot, admiring the feel of the leather. Then my hand moved back up to her knees and continued its path up her inner thigh, caressing along the material of the brown nylon covering her shapely legs.

I was beginning to feel a tingle in my groin as I always did when I am in close contact with a beautiful woman. The smell of her perfume and the smooth sensation of the nylon under my fingers were beginning to arouse me. And her vulnerable state only served to increase the desire that was building within me.

Instinctively, I turn towards her gently pushing my knees against the side of her right thigh. By now my fingers had made their way high up her thigh. I smiled inwardly as I felt the rougher material of her stocking tops and then the smooth bare skin of her upper thighs. Despite dressing in a stylish way, I had always thought that Caroline was a conservative girl. It delighted me that she was wearing stockings. It never failed to excite me.

Caroline opened her legs slightly allowing me to caress higher up her thigh. Then I felt her mouth brush against my neck and left cheek as she kissed me softly. Being single for so long, there had always been rumours about my sexuality and wild stories about my sexual activities, not all of which were completely false. But it has never occurred to me that Caroline could be a lesbian. To me and everyone else she had always been a friendly caring young woman who was devoted to her husband.

Perhaps her grief had affected her. It wouldn?t be the /first-time/">first time a death had increased sexual desire. Perhaps she just needed someone. Perhaps she just needed the caring and gentle touch of a woman.

Whatever the reason, she gave no resistance as I pushed her skirt up above her patterned stocking tops, until I could see the smooth pale skin of her bare thighs. I found myself desperately wanting to know what sort of panties Caroline was wearing. It wasn?t the first time I had asked this question, given how sexy and attractive Caroline was. But the growing desire I was feeling in my loins at that particular moment just made the answer to the question that bit more urgent.

The idea of seeing and touching Carline?s panties was very arousing, especially as doing so seemed so naughty and forbidden. With my pulse steadily increasing, I licked my lips with anticipation and slowly pushed her skirt up to her waist. I was not to be disappointed. Caroline?s white panties were sexy and feminine. The fabric was smooth at the front where it covered her lower abdomen and protruding pussy lips, but was decorated with a pretty floral design on each sides of the white fabric.

I caressed the texture of the floral design on her panties, my finger tingling at the touch. Then I slowly moved my fingers to the soft plain fabric in the centre covering her abdomen. For me, the type of panties a woman wears is a hidden message about what and how a woman feels. On gazing at and caressing Caroline?s panties, it was clear to me that she was feeling feminine, erotic and sexy. My finger moved down from her abdomen to the material covering Caroline?s protruding pussy lips.

I heard Caroline sigh. I had been so absorbed that I didn?t realise she had ceased to cry. She must have stopped sobbing some time ago. Still lightly massaging her clit and pussy lips through her panties, I looked into her large mournful eyes and smiled at her.

?Are you OK, Caroline?? I asked. She returned the smile melancholically with her big beautiful eyes.

?Yes. Marie. I am feeling much better.? She replied softly. She took hold of my hand and rubbed my fingers against her pussy lips a little faster. She signed softly and lay back in the chair and opened her legs so that her nylon clad knees and thighs were wide apart.

Smiling at her tenderly, I kissed her gently on her right cheek and slipped my fingers into her panties. I caressed her clit and pussy lips, feeling the damp moisture of her vaginal juices on my fingers.

I looked across at the moaning Caroline, my hand massaging her pussy inside her panties. I was beginning to feel aroused. I raised my gaze to her breasts. Slipping my hand out her panties, I moved by hand up her stomach.

?Let?s make you more comfortable.? I said and knelt on the floor in front of her.

I started unbuttoning her blouse. She smiled at me and took my hands, placing them on her legs where her stocking tops met the bare skin of her thighs. At first I thought she was objecting, but then she started to unbutton the blouse herself. In the meantime, I caressed along the length of her hips and thighs, marvelling at the touch and sight of Caroline?s gorgeous body before me.

As soon as Caroline had removed her blouse, I moved my hands up to her upper body, caressing her slim waist. My hands moved up further to cup her firm breasts which were still covered by her white lacy bra. I could feel and see through the bra that her nipples were already erect. I pulled the cups of her bra down gently and sucked her left nipple.

Caroline gasped and threw her head back, holding my shoulders with her hands. While caressing the length of her body with my hands, I savoured the sensation of her erect nipples on my tongue and lips. Caroline gasped with joy each time I passionately sucked, licked and bit each nipple in turn.

At one point, she almost cried out loud and I had to cover her mouth with my hand to muffle the sound. For a moment we giggled together. Then, I lifted my head up to hers and kissed her gently on the lips. She responded and our tongues intertwined in a long and passionate kiss.

She pulled away from me and looked at me with a sorrowful expression on her face.

?Is it wrong what we are doing, Marie?? She asked. ?Is it wrong that I feel so good when I should feel so sad??

?Of course not, Caroline.? I replied, desirous to reassure her. ?Whatever takes the pain away can only be a good thing.?

?Then, please keep the pain at bay.? She said, kissing me again and fondling my breasts with her hands through my white blouse.

Disengaging myself, I kissed my way down her torso, kissing between her breasts and down to her navel. I moved down to her panties and she opened her legs even wider to let me in. I kissed the flowery designs on each side of her panties, enjoying the sensation of the lacy fabric on my lips. Then I kissed my way down the smooth fabric covering her lower abdomen. I stopped to kiss and nuzzle her pussy lips through the material, breathing in the rich musky smell of her vaginal juices.

I looked up at her. She looked back with her pretty eyes, an expression of anticipation on her face. I put my right hand inside her panties and pulled the material to one side. For a moment, I gazed down at Caroline?s beautiful moist pussy, reflecting on how long I had fantasized about this moment. Then with Caroline gently guiding my head down, my tongue flicked out against her waiting clit.

Caroline writhed on the seat with pleasure as I sucked and licked her pussy. She sighed when I licked her clit and groaned with joy when I gently fucked her pussy with my fingers. Caroline spread her legs high and wide. She looked down at me, a blissful smile on her face, cutely scrunching her nose up as she sighed in /ecstasy/">ecstasy.

I love the sensation of sucking another woman?s pussy and was relishing the smell and tangy taste of Caroline?s vaginal juices on my tongue and in my nose. I was completely oblivious to the world around me. The phone on the office desk rang, but we both ignored it. Nobody was going to spoil this beautiful moment between two beautiful /sensual/sensual-women/">sensual women.

Caroline finally climaxed in a gasp of joy, arching her back and grabbing my head with both her hands. I was anxious to prolong her pleasure as long as I could. So I continued flicking her clit with my tongue, prolonging her orgasm porn videos download a few seconds more, until her body relaxed and she gently pushed my away.

Caroline beamed at me as I stood up, her vaginal her vaginal juices still fresh on my lips.

?Do you feel better now?? I asked.

?Much better.? She replied.

For a few moments we looked at each other. She was still sitting on the chair with her nylon clad legs wide apart, her skirt hitched up to her waist and her glistening pussy exposed to the world. I though she looked absolutely gorgeous. I feared it would end there. A little gift from Marie to Caroline in her time of distress. But I was pleasantly mistaken.

Caroline stood up. She took my face in her hands and kissed me passionate, ignoring or savouring the vaginal juices that were still on my lips. I kissed her back, pushing my tongue in her mouth. She pushed me back against one of the desks. I felt her hands move the length of my body, fondling my well shaped hips and buttocks. Then she started unbuttoning my white blouse and I took the opportunity to slip out of my grey skirt. I would have to continue working later that day and it would be silly to ruin my clothes.

After removing my blouse, bra and skirt and leaving them on a chair in a tidy pile, I sat back on the desk and opened my legs, caressing my lower thighs which were still covered by the material of my black nylon stocking. Caroline stood between my legs, fondling my bare breasts with her hands. Then she bent down and sucked my breasts, flicking her tongue out against my erect nipples. I gasped with joy and brushed my hands through her long straight hair.

Then she knelt down in front of me and caressed her hands rapidly up my nylon clad legs, quickly reaching the smooth bare skin of my upper thigh. I tingled as she caressed the flimsy fabric of my panties.

?I love your underwear, Marie.? She giggled. I was wearing a skimpy red transparent thong with a pretty flowery pattern on the front. I always wore panties that I imagined would excite another woman in this very situation.

?Thank you.? I sighed sincerely, as she caressed my moist pussy through the flimsy material. ?I?m delighted you like it.?

Then she inserted her fingers in my panties and steadily finger fucked my pussy. I gasped with delight, grabbing onto the edge of the desk.

?It that OK, Marie?? Caroline asked in her usual considerate way. ?I?ve never done this sort of thing before.?

?Oh, it?s wonderful Caroline.? I moaned in reply. ?Please don?t stop.?

She smiled up at me with a melancholic look expression on her face, still /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy with her magical fingers. It was clear she was still feeling very sad.

?You don?t have to continue, if I don?t want to.? I gasped with pleasure, not really meaning it.

She didn?t reply. Instead, she pulled the material of my panties to one side and started to suck and lick my hungry clit. I heard myself gasp with joy and looked down. It was a beautiful sight to behold to see Caroline suck and lick my pussy. I couldn?t believe she hadn?t done this before, because she was sending me into seventh heaven. I spread my legs wider to give Caroline more room and to get a better view of Caroline?s pretty lips and tongue work on my clit. Her /cute/">cute nose and mouth glistened with my vaginal juices, a beautiful vision that I could only have dreamed about a couple of hours before.

Eventually, I heard myself moan uncontrollably as an intense orgasm ripped through me. Caroline continued licking my clit, prolonging the intense pleasure. When the waves of delight eventually passed, Caroline pulled back and I lay back on the desk in ecstasy, pushing my hand down to gently massage my exposed pussy. I lay there for a few moments. Then the phone rang. This time I decided to answer it.

It was the reception. ?Hi, Marie. It?s Jane at reception. Caroline?s husband is here to collect her.?

?That?s fine, Jane.? I replied, ?We?ll be down in a moment.?

?He?s been waiting for a while. We tried to call earlier, but there was no answer.? She continued. ?Is everything alright??

?Caroline was very distraught when you called.? I said. ?But she is a lot better now.? Caroline and I exchanged a complicit smile.

?Yes. That?s what we thought.? Said Jane. ?I?ll tell him you?re on your way.?

After I put the phone down, Caroline crawled up on the desk and kissed me on the lips. Our bodies entwined on the desk and I returned the kiss, experiencing the delightful taste of my own satiated pussy on her tongue.

Shortly after, we got dressed and went to the Ladies to freshen up. We went down to reception where Carloline?s anxious and loving husband was waiting. Caroline hugged her husband tightly, tears streaming from her beautiful eyes. It seemed the sadness of her news had returned. But as I watched them together, she looked over to me. Our eyes met and she smiled, sensually licking her beautiful lips.