The Right to Remain Silent

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The Right to Remain Silent

Chapter 1


’Why the hell didn’t we fly instead of drive?’ Eric asked Alysia, his voice laden with his anger and frustration.

She couldn’t help but feel bad. He was a salesman for a large software company so he was on the road a lot. With work he drove daily to cover his regional area and she knew he hated traffic. It was her fault that they drove and she knew it. It was obvious that he was annoyed at the deadlock that they found themselves in, in the middle of nowhere, and she felt guilty. They had passed the nearest city forty-five minutes earlier so the traffic was unexpected. ’It isn’t even rush hour,’ he added.

Alysia knew that her job on these trips was to keep him awake and calm. She appreciated the fact that he took on the burden of driving, since she hated staring at the road ahead. For some reason her eyelids got heavy within twenty minutes, regardless of the time of day. It was appreciated even more so since he did it on a daily basis.

’I know it’s frustrating, honey, but it’ll clear soon. Don’t worry.’ Her voice was soft and comforting and she lightly touched his arm hoping the contact would further calm him.

He grunted and she knew that he didn’t fully agree but seemed to appreciate the soothing tone in her voice and optimistic viewpoint. Eric was a /sweet/">sweet guy usually, but traffic was his nemesis. He was terribly romantic, always thoughtful and usually put her needs before his own, which was why they were not flying. Flying terrified her and he knew it. He flew often but rarely pushed the issue with her. So he obliged her by agreeing to drive for this vacation.

They had just finished a week’s vacation in Atlanta and had been on the road for almost nine hours already. She didn’t want to agree with him, that they should have flown in the first place, until after they got home. By the time they would reach home, the drive should have taken them twelve hours but that’s without the delay they found themselves in. They were anxious to get home, and get comfortable, but they had a long way to travel yet. It was still warm outside, even at six in the evening, so they opened their windows and turned the air off. The gagging stench of exhaust fumes wafted through the open windows. They were assaulted by the plethora of loud music pouring from the other vehicles in the long line of cars. It was an eclectic mix of country, rap and other music. It all got lost in the jumble so much that soon Alysia’s ears couldn’t decipher any individual style of music that was actually playing.

’I bokep sma pecah perawan can’t see an end to this shit!’ he exclaimed.

’Maybe there was an accident ahead,’ she replied. It was her way of offering a reason for the kink in the traffic flow. ’I just hope that if there was, that no one was seriously hurt.’

’Yeah,’ he grumbled. ’I don’t hear any sirens.’ After a short, silent pause he added, ’I bet someone is just changing their tire alongside the road and every asshole who drives by feels compelled to slow down and look at them, damned rubber-neckers!’

’Oh stop it. Our house isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be out of this in no time.’

’Easy enough for you to say, you don’t have to drive.’

That comment shut her up, as he meant it to. She wasn’t sure she believed that they would be out of the traffic soon but was at least trying to be optimistic. Finally, when she realized that her hurt feelings couldn’t be ignored, she replied, ’There’s no need to take your frustration out on me. I’m not responsible for the traffic.’

He huffed, appearing to realize that he was needlessly lashing out at her. ’I shouldn’t yell at you, honey. This traffic isn’t your fault. I’m sorry.’

’It’s all right, this time,’ she said with a smirk. ’But don’t think you can get away with barking at me like that on a regular basis, buddy.’ She winked at him playfully and her eyes twinkled. The thing she could do best of all with Eric was arouse him with just a look. She was banking on doing it often on this trip home, as a promise of repayment for the torturously long time he would have ultimately driven.

He laughed and seemed to relax more, which made her happy.

It had taken them forty-five minutes to travel only eight miles. She kept craning her neck while she looked out the window, hoping, and praying, that the bend just ahead would be where the traffic would end and the road would open up. Finally they made it to the bend and, just as she had hoped, the road cleared and the cars began to move faster until they were moving at the speed-limit again. There was no accident or any other reason, which they could see, for the slow down but they were out of it. They turned their attention to reading the map to see if there were any junctions to keep watch for, in the near future.

They had driven another hour when the cola that Alysia had consumed, while they inched their way through the traffic, announced its presence. She longed for a rest stop and before she reached the point where she couldn’t stand it any longer said, ’I hate to tell you this, honey, since we’re moving so well, but I need you to stop at the next rest stop. I drank too much cola.’

’That’s all right. I need to stop myself.’ His voice was calmer and his smile showed his dimples. There, she thought, My snuggle-bear is coming back again.

The sign for the next rest stop finally appeared and they took the exit ramp. After parking to the left of the building that housed the public restrooms he asked, ’Do you have your keys, just in case you’re finished before me?’

She laughed and replied, ’You know you’ll be out before me. But, yes, I do have my keys.’

While they walked to the sidewalk, she heard the chirp from the car when Eric locked the doors and set the car alarm. He disappeared into the men’s restroom and she entered the ladies room. The public restrooms at rest stops actually made her skin crawl but she really had to go. Once relieved, she washed her hands and then checked herself out in the full-length mirror.

Her long, strawberry-blonde hair was pulled up into a sporty ponytail. She leaned closer to the mirror to check her makeup and was pleased that the eyeliner and such had not run. Her creamy skin looked fresh and her eye-shadow looked crisp and still highlighted her almond-shaped, emerald-green eyes. Her white, casual t-shirt wasn’t mussed too much. Turning this way and that, she straightened her pleated, navy-blue athletic skirt. It resembled something a woman would wear while playing tennis and it made her look /cute/">cute and sporty. The outfit was completed by her short white socks and tennis shoes.

The outfit wasn’t just chosen because most of her clothes she had packed were already worn, it was also selected with an ulterior motive. The past week had been refreshing for them, filled with sightseeing and /hot/hot-sex/">hot sex. It had been like a delicious, sex-filled honeymoon. In fact, she was still feeling quite amorous and hoped to tempt him on the drive home by exposing her smooth, silky legs. So far he had been transfixed on the road, and rightfully so, but she planned to up the temptation. An idea flashed in her mind and her pearly whites flashed back at her in the mirror. She ducked back old waman xxxgx into a stall and removed her bikini panties, ignoring her disgust for her surroundings, and hid them within the grip of her small fist.

She felt wickedly devious when she emerged from the bathroom with a huge and alluring grin pursing her lips. Her hips swayed when she walked, causing the skirt to tickle her skin as it hit the back of her thighs. The sensation made her wonder if she was exposing her bare bottom when it swished. The breeze that found its way up the skirt, to her exposed sex, was invigorating and she really looked forward to getting back on the road. It was after seven o’clock but was still pretty light out. She walked down to the sidewalk that paralleled the parked vehicles. A police vehicle was parked in front of the junction and a young officer, with dark hair and sunglasses, passed by Alysia. Her smile broadened and she said ’Hi,’ as they crossed paths. She heard him reply, in kind, and she giggled to herself. She had no idea that his head had turned and he was watching her as she walked away, and she didn’t care. Her mind was myopic in its thought process. She was going to seduce her husband when they drove home. It was a delicious secret that she harbored.

Eric was already sitting in the car, waiting for her and she climbed in.

’That cop was watching your ass the whole way back to the car,’ he said with a mixture of irritation and pride.

’Really?’ she asked with an amused laugh. ’I doubt that.’

’Oh, he was,’ he replied with a chuckle.

’Whatever, lets get going.’ She was anxious and didn’t want to converse about a cop when she wanted to get her plan into action.

They began to drive and she found herself admiring her husband from the side. His dark hair was short and clean cut. His goatee gave him a sinister, yet handsome, look. As she gazed at him she realized how deceiving the goatee was because it masked his tender side, but it turned her on. His olive skin was flecked with a freckle here and there and his nose was perfect in size and shape with one small bump on the bridge where it had been broken once. She loved how his long dark lashes framed his delicious, chocolate-brown eyes. The way his lower lip puffed out made her want to suck on it while she was riding him like she did every time she was on top. She had been staring a bit longer than she realized because he turned and said, ’What?’

A large smile broadened on her face and she replied, ’Nothing. I was just looking at you.’

’Well, you’re freaking me out. Is there something on my face or something?’ She knew him better than anyone else and she knew what his smile and the glimmer in his eye meant. It meant that he enjoyed her gazing at him, despite his words.

’No, I was just imagining kissing you.’

His laugh sound like ’Mmm,’ and she knew that the first step was achieved.

Chapter 2

Alysia had her hands on her knees when she shifted her focus from Eric and back to the road ahead. The sun was beginning to make its slide toward the western horizon but it was still light out. She needed the light for the next step so she didn’t waste any time moving her seduction forward.

Her hands began to caress her knees and then up her thighs. In response, she let out a small groan to make her actions apparent to him. She began to move the hem of her skirt up to expose more and more of her soft, supple thighs for his appreciative gaze.

’What are you doing?’ he asked sounding more intrigued than irritated.

’Having fun, why? Do you want me to stop?’

’Oh no, be my guest. Have as much fun as you want.’ Her smile met his and she knew he was appreciating the show. When she was sure he was anticipating her next move she slid the skirt up high enough so to show her exposed sex to him.

’You minx!’ he replied voicing his /surprise/">surprise at seeing her without panties. It was followed by an animalistic growl when her hand moved over her trimmed tuft of hair, just above her bare lips. She then slipped a finger into her wet center. Her finger was stirring her juices and she brought the finger up to her lips to lick off the nectar and then plunged the finger back into her pussy. She saw him shift in his seat in her peripheral vision and she let out a quiet, sinister laugh. When she removed her finger from within her once more, it glistened with her juices. With passion-filled eyes, she turned and locked her gaze on him. Then she offered her finger to him to lick clean. He obliged her silent request and groaned. She could see his arousal tenting in his khaki shorts but went back to work on herself.