Age is a state of mind

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Age is a state of mind

I had just been transferred to this section and I was not looking forward to it at all. I would be the oldest employee and the oldest man in the section. As I walked into the unit directors office I noticed that he was the age of my oldest /daughter/">daughter. I knocked on the office door as I entered "Good morning, sir!" I said with a clear, stern cop voice. "Reporting as ordered, sir." He looked up with a start and replied "Oh, good morning, you must me Duke!" Gee, this one is a bright one I thought. "Yes, sir I have been assigned to your section temporarily. I am listed as injuried in the line of duty (ILD) and I am told that I will work here until certified as fit of duty sir." Now the formalities were over I hoped.

"Well, welcome to the Records Room Duke. It is not everyday we get a detective assigned to our section. I am Bruce Sassin, the unit director" he said as my gay meter went /crazy/">crazy! When he extended his hand to shake, and I took it, I noticed it was soft and he gripped my hand like a woman. The formality was over quickly. I had nothing against gays at all. My last partner was gay, and she was one bitchin broad! So I could see no problems there working for Bruce as long as he kept it professional. "Let me show you to the area you will be working in while you are here" he said as he walked from around his desk. We headed out the office door and across the hall to the main area.

The main area was about sixty /feet/">feet square and full of cubicles. Records were all in the main computer and accessed through the terminals here. Standard setup for a police department really. I noticed all the civilian employees working here. Majority woman, young mostly, and really average. Then I felt a hand on my back and a woman's voice said "Excuse me pops I got to get through!" I turned to see a woman in her early thirties, short auburn hair, nice face and slightly heavy. She was wearing dark blue slacks that were tight across the ass, a white button up the front blouse and matching blue heels. "Sure, no problem little girl" I said with a smile. She gave me a frown as she passed and she mumbled under her breath "little girl my ass!" Then I replied just loud enough for her to hear "Let pops show you how little it is!" Then Bruce turned and said "Sorry, Duke did you say something or was it Donna?"

"No,it was her" as I nodded toward the woman that pushed past me. "Oh, that is Donna she is the senior records clerk here. /nice/nice-lady/">nice lady and with a great fashion sense too." He then turned and called over his shoulder "Follow me please!" We walked on back to the back of the room, and I lost sight of Donna by then. I did notice that she had a really /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass though and although she was a little heavy it was spread around well. I really liked her tits! Then Bruce brought me back to /reality/">reality. "We go through this steel door and into the vault. That is where you will be working while you are here" he said with a smile. "This is where all the old evidence is stored from drug cases and homocides. Not a real nice place, sadly, it has no windows and only the one door in" he said as he openned the door and turned on the lights.

I looked around as I walked into the room and past Bruce. "You are right this place isn't much!" I said. "The desk is in the back corner, that is where the phone is too" Bruce said as he headed back out the door. "I will send Donna in here, she will show you everything" he called and he exited the room. So here I am looking at row after row of steel shelves with cardboard boxes on them. The room has an old, musty smell and it felt damp. I slowly walked to the back of the room, looking over the "hole" I was now in. At the rear of the room I could turn right and there was a gun vault in the corner. To the left was a half wall and the gray steel desk with an old rotary multi-line phone.

Just then I heard the door open and in walked Donna. "Well, pops what do you think" she asked as walked toward me. "I think that if you call me "pops" one more time I am going to bend you over that desk and fuck your ass until your eyes pop out" I said with a stern look on my face. She looked at me and her face went pale. "I..I..I was just kidding. I really didn't mean anything by it" she stammered. "Well, Donna you like to be talked to with respect don't you? So do I" I said firmly. "I guess I was wrong, I am sorry. I just get tired of training someone that is ILD and then they go back to the street and I do it all over again" she offered. "I understand, I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes too" I said with a smile.

We then got busy and she told me all about the job I had to do and what they needed from me. I even offered to set up the data on a computer for her so that they could find the information without having to come into the vault to hunt for it by hand. "You know computers" she said astonished. "Yeah, I know my way around a lot of things Donna" I said with a smile. "Mayebe if you are good, I will show you how well I can do" I added with a grin.

We finished getting some basic equipment set up and Donna said "That is about all I can do for you now. I will come back at the end of the shift and check to see how you progressed." I said that it wwwxxx would be fine as I watched her walk out the door. Damn what a great ass! I then turned my attention back to the work at hand. I am an organizer so it was not long that I had the area looking better than it was when I came in. I had been so busy that I did not notice that I had worked through lunch and it was now time to get off.

I heard the door open and then I heard Donna's voice "You still in here pops!" She came on around to where I was at the desk. "Oh, you are still here" she said. I nodded and I finished entering the last data file into the system I had set up. "Yeppers, just put the last record in for the firearms in the gun vault" I said as she came up next to me. I got up out of the chair and she sat down. She started scanning the file that I had set up and while she did I was busy looking down her blouse. "What great looking tits", I thought.

While she checked the records I had entered I said "By the way, what did I tell you would happen the next time you called me "pops"" I asked. She laughed and said "Oh yeah, you were going to tear my ass up. But I did not think I have anything to worry about there" she said with a smirk. I knew a challange when I heard one so I did not say anything, I just smiled. She turned back to the screen as I reached down and undid my zipper and pulled out my dick. When she turned back to me to say something "What is.." I shoved my dick in her mouth as I grabbed the back of her head. Her mouth was cool and wet on my /dick/hot-dick/">hot dick. I had not been with a woman in weeks and I was ready for it. I started fucking her face and I mean I was shoving it all the way back in her mouth. My dick jumped from four inches to seven and a half in seconds! She struggled for a second and then she reached up and took my dick in her hand and started to suck it hard.

As soon as I knew that she was not going to fight it, I reached down with my free hand and I unbuttoned her blouse and I grabbed a hand full of titty! She was now sucking like she had been doing it for hours. I then said "I told you what I was going to do to you if you called me 'pops' again" then I pulled my dick out of her mouth. Before she could say anything I stood her up, pulled her slacks and panties down at one time and I bent her over the desk. "My god, you are not going to fucc...." she stopped in mid word as I started to ram my dick up her ass. "I can't take it all, your too god damn big, Duke! Please!!" she said as I continued to ram it up her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. She just moaned as I finally got it all the way in. "Oh, gees you are so fucking big, fuck me!" she cried. And I rammed it long and hard. It had been awhile, like I said, so it would slow in cumming. I was ramming it in so hard that she was pounding into the desk. You could hear my stomach slamming into her ass! "What a beautiful sound that makes", I thought. Then I felf it as my cum built up in my dick and I pounded her ass even harder and faster. All the time she just kept moaning. Then I said "I am going to cum now baby so push back when I say too!" She just wimpered affirmative. "Now, baby, now" I said as I came hard. "Oh god yes, that feels so good" she cried. I took a few more long strokes on her ass then I stopped and I reached for some tissues on the desk. I pulled my dick out as I gently stuffed tissues in her ass to catch the cum dripping from her /asshole/">asshole.

I then got some more tissues for my dick. "Now, don't call me 'pop' anymore" I said. She bent over and pulled her panties and slacks up as she looked at me and said "Only if you promise to fuck me like that from now on." "Okay, I tell you what", I said "you don't call me pops anymore and you can come in here whenever you want and suck my dick or fuck any way you want." She looked at me and smiled "Deal" she said. The next two months were the best that I have had in a long time. Donna was good at her words and by far the /blow/best-blow/">best blow job and fuck that I ever the wwwxxx had! I hated to go back to my regular assignment after that, but duty calls.