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Bridget is spending Easter with her friends Lilly and brandy. They started rejoice their teen years. Lilly asked, ''what took you so long to come over''. Bridget explained she was really busy with school. Brandy surprised Bridget by telling her Lilly and her moved in together. They decided to have a picnic in the yard. real forced anal against her will While they were eating food they decided to play around.

They started sucking on food, Lilly was praised for her sucking. Lilly and Bridget started feeding each other cherries, Lilly got some whip cream on her lip, Bridget was licking it of. While this was happening Brandy got some whip cream and spread all over Bridget's breast. Bridget told Brandy to like it all off.

They decided to go inside because the parade was still a while away.They went on the couch and Lilly and Brandy started kissing Bridget everywhere. They started licking and biting her breasts. Bridget was moaning loudly now. After that they moved on to Brandy. They were kissing her breasts while rubbing her crotch. They layed on the couch and started licking each others pussy.

After about an hour of licking each other Brandy decided to xnxxv sunny leone video try something. She told the other two girls to stand on the couch, then she stuck her middle finger in their pussy's. It hurt at first but then a warm surge came through their bodies, they were having a organism. After that they made out for about 45 minutes.

Bridget visits her friends often, and every time she has a smile on her face:)