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Nanny cam

It was a hot summer day and I was out mowing the lawn. Both of my parents worked and because I had quit the swim team because of a run-in with the coach I was given primary responsibility for taking care of the yard. One again I had slept in late and was out during the heat of the day mowing. I was about half way finished when I saw Greg, our next-door neighbor waving me over. If I were to guess I would say that he had been out of collage only a few years. He had moved in next door only about six months earlier. I would see him coming and going occasionally and most evenings he would be in his back yard playing with his golden retriever. My /dad/">dad had talked with him a couple of times and said that he worked for a major Computer Company in the area that was a competitor with my fathers company.

I was happy to turn off the mower and take a break. I stopped and picked up my water bottle as I walked over to the fence. He said he was sorry to interrupt my mowing but he wanted to ask me a question. He then told me that he had to go out of town on business the next week and was wondering if I would be willing to watch his dog while he was away. He also said that he would pay me $100 for the five days he would be away. I quickly accepted the offer, I could always use the money. He said that after I finished the mowing I could stop over and he would show me what I would need to do and where everything was.

After I finished mowing I walked over to the house and knocked on the back door. Greg and his dog Marv gave me a warm welcome. I played with Marv for a few minutes then Greg began to show me where the dog food was kept, how much to give Marv a day, where the leash was kept and how many times a day I would need to let the dog out. He also told me that he thought Marv might get lonely while he was away and that it might be nice if I would hang around the house some just to keep the dog company. He had a large screen TV and a kick ass stereo system. He also had a great video game system. Since I would need to spend some time in the house I was welcome to make myself at home. He also said that I was welcome to use anything in the frig and he pointed out the cabinet where all the video tapes where stored.

The next Monday I got up, earlier than usual, and headed over to let Marv out to do his morning business. After he was done I went back in the house, flopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote and turning on the TV. I flicked though the stations a few times and did not find much that I wanted to watch. I played with Marv for a few minutes then headed over to the video cabinet and opened it looking for something good to watch. The top half of the cabinet was filled with the normal guy action adventure stuff but the bottom half was filled with porn. I thought that I had hit the mother load. I started to get hard just looking at the covers. But I quickly realized that a lot of the covers had two guys and one girl and some even had just two men. I had not had much exposure to porn. I blowjob porn videos had looked at a few Playboy magazines in my life but I had never seen a porn movie. I grabbed one of the tapes and put it in the player.

The action on the screen was unbelievable. And as I watched the two guys do unbelievable things to the one woman and each other I began to grow as hard as a rock. It only took a minute for me to get my soccer shorts down around my ankles; my hand wrapped firmly around my eight-inch tool and began to stroke. I rubbed my other hand up and down by swimmers body. I loved feeling my own pecks with my left hand as my right hand worked my pecker. It was only a few minutes into the first scene that I shot my first load for the week. It was a powerful orgasm as I had my eyes fixed on the TV watching the blond stud fuck the hooker blond while sucking fervently on the dick of the other jock.

As you can imagine I spend most of the week at Greg’s house watching porn and beating off. Friday came way to soon and I did not like the thought of being cut off from my daily intake of porn. I had just finished mowing the lawn when Greg arrived home. I rushed over to the fence to greet him and to let him know that all had gone well while he was away. He thanked me and told me that he did not have my money but if I would stop by the next day he would be happy to pay me for my services.

The next afternoon I walked over to Greg’s house and knocked on the door. Marv greeted me first then Greg. It looked like he had been working out. He was in /bicycle/">bicycle shorts, it did not look like he had anything on underneath of them, and a tee shirt that stuck to his well formed chest and revealed /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. He invited me into the living room and indicated that I should take a seat. He said that he had something he wanted to talk with me about. For a moment my heart stopped because I thought that he might have noticed that I had drank a few of his beers during one particularly good afternoons of jacking off. Instead he walked over to the VCR and popped in a tape. During the first few moments of static he walked over and sat next to me. He began to explain that he has a nanny cam that records what goes on in the house. He said that he has it for security purposes. About then a picture appeared on the screen ’ in fact the screen was divided up into four pictures; four different angles of me vigorously beating my meat.

I was so embarrassed that I could not say a word. Noticing the color drain out of my face he assured me that there was noting to be embarrassed about. He also assured me that it was perfectly natural for a boy my age to masturbate milf porn videos several times a day. He then said that he found it a turn-on watching the videos of me. I have to say that I found it a turn-on watching myself on the TV. As I turned my eyes away from the image of myself I noticed a large budge in Greg’s shorts. He then pointed out from the bottom right camera view that you could see that I had been masturbating to a video showing young studs giving blow jobs in a swimming pool. He said, ’It looks like you enjoy watching guys getting and giving blowjobs.’ He then asked if I had ever had a blowjob. And my voice cracked, as I said ’no.’

At that moment he stood up and pulled his shirt off revealing his firm chest. He then reached down and pulled off my shirt revealing my firm swimmers body. He knelt down beside the couch and slowly ran his hands up my legs meeting at my crotch. He massaged for a moment my already firm young cock. Before I knew it he had my shorts off and his firm hands rubbing the soft skin below the head of my cock. I turned my eyes away from the image of myself masturbating just in time to see his lips slip down over the head of my cock. He played there for a moment teasing the head of my cock with greater and greater suction. Quickly the force of his suction pulled the entire length of my cock into his mouth. I think it was only four or five strokes before I unloaded come into the mouth of a man for the /first-time/">first time. The force of the orgasm was beyond belief. Afterwards I sank down into the couch as he finished cleaning my cock.

Moments later he was sitting next to me. He has lost his shorts and was working on his huge tool with thick vanes running up the shaft. His eyes were on the TV screen and my eyes were on his dick. I watched his balls bob up and down as he increased his rhythm until he shot his load far up onto his chest.

As you can imagine I learned a lot that summer when I would go to Greg’s to ’visit with Marv.’