Maid got my tool

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Maid got my tool

Hi my name is Mohit and I am doing engineering in Mumbai. I am a good looking guy and have a hot built because of my fitness. I am going to /gym/">gym from past two year?s so obviously I have a hot body. I am very much addicted to sex because of many girls in my past. Very easily girls fall for me because of my looks and body. I would like to come up with my real life incident with a maid. Her name is Vidya and her figure is 34-28-34 and got really /busty/busty-boobs/">busty boobs and she is little dark. she is average in height and got very sexy body essence while having sex.

In my complex there are lots of flats so there are lot of maid and servants also. I use to always try for a maid but most of them are very old or not interested in sex so I was very disappointed. Every day I use to hunt for maids but everyday I was unsuccessful. But when I was in second year then an white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie incident happened.

During that time I use to leave for my /college/">college by 8:30 in the morning. While going to my college two maids always stared at me and those two maids use to sit sometimes near my complexs main gate or at work. One maid was stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv vidya and another maid was her friend. They use to stare and talk to each other and again use to stare at me which meant they are talking about me.

Both the maid use to stare at me and use to talk about me (I came to know afterwards). My semester was about to get over so there were no more lectures going in my college and I use to go to complete my files. So during that time I saw vidya sitting in my buildings staircase. I thought to try my luck of fucking her so I just sat 2 steps away from her on the staircase.

 I asked her what she does in the building. She told she cooks food at different places and the I asked her name and reply was vidya. I asked her that why her friend and she stare at me so she told that you look good that?s why we stare at you. I told her that if I need can she cook at my place when my parents are not in town so she told yaa why not. I asked for her number and told that I will call you if I need someone to cook food for me.

She gave her number and I gave her miss call and left. While traveling to my college she gave me a miss call and I called her back. We spoke for 30 minutes and I again asked her why she and her friend stare and me. She told because you look handsome. While talking to her I came to know that she was a widow and I asked her how she manages everything all alone.

We spoke a lot and I was giving her hint about my intensions by telling her that her figure is good and she looks sexy. Even she started hitting on me by telling that even u look good and sexy. She even told that if she would have met me alone that she would have kissed me because she likes my cheeks told her to kiss me next time in the lift and she told yes.

While talking to her I asked her that how she satisfies herself at times. She told that she just drink a can of beer and goes off to sleep. Now I gathered little confidence and told her that I can satisfy you completely. First she behaves as if she dint understood anything but then I was forced to explain her. She told she is afraid of all this.

She was just afraid because if someone comes to know then what about her reputation. I made her trust that no one will come to know about it. She told she needs time to think. Time passed by but she never gave clear answer. One day I called her in my wing?s ground floor. When she came and when lift door got closed I pressed 15th floor so that I get time to spend with her. First I hugged her and she was also holding me tightly. I then placed my hand on her and I started press it. She told no don?t do it but still I continued and then I moved my hand to her /tits/big-tits/">big tits. I slowly started pressing them and they were really soft and big.

She started moaning slowly and then we parted because we reached 15th floor. I got down of the lift so that I can go home. I called her again and asked her about it but she dint wanted to talk about it. After 1 month I got a chance to fuck her as my parents were going out of town for two weeks. I called her up and told to come at my place in 1 hour.

Mean time I had my bath and went out to bring a packet of condoms. I placed the packed in my /underwear/">underwear. When I reached back home I told her to come up. She came in and we went to my room. She was still afraid of it but wanted to take my tool as soon as possible. I told her that did anyone see her while coming up and the reply was no so i told that chill out and enjoy your one hour with me baby.

She agreed to have sex. So I told her to put her hand in my underwear as there is a /surprise/">surprise for her but she told she knows what thing is there in it. I forced her to put her hand so she found packet of condom. I started smooching her. We were desperately smooching each other for 15 minutes. I removed her salwaar and unhooked her bra and her melons sprang out. I started licking and sucking them wildly and she was also getting high on it.

She removed my shirt and saw my built and told you got a hot body. I was madly sucking her melons and they were really soft and big. I was biting her nipples also. I was sucking and pressing them hard. Then I loosened her pajama and removed it and she was so high that she removed her panties with it. I started fingering her and after 10 minutes she removed my jeans. 6 inch long cock came out and she was shocked on seeing such a long cock. She was then holding it and then starting giving me strokes. She told your dick is really long and /fat/">fat and I would love to get fucked by such a cock.

I was fingering her continuously but her pussy had a small opening (according to my past experience). She was giving me strokes and I was fingering her. This lasted for 20 minutes and then she told its enough because she cannot resist this dick any more so told me to fuck her. She removed one condom and put it on my dick.

We both were very excited and ready to fuck. She then laid on the bed and told me to fuck her hard. I tried to push in my dick but wasnt successful because of less lubrication. I added some water on her pussy and on my condom and then i tried and this time it went straight in her warm pussy. I was stroking her slowly and her legs were on my hips and she was also coming in motion with my strokes. I starting stroking her faster and faster and her moans became louder and louder.

She was continuously moaning and I was stroking her faster and faster. She told your dick is amazing as I?m enjoying a lot. She moaned and 1 orgasm happened and after 10 minutes 1 more orgasm happened. Bed was completely wet and we both were still fucking. I ejaculated and then she told to fuck more as she is about to ejaculate ones more but my dick was going down so I thought to finger here and make her ejaculate.

I fingered her for one minute and she ejaculated one more time. My dick was paining a bit because of her /pussy/small-pussy/">small pussy but we managed anyhow. We both were on the bed and the session was over and exhausted. We got dressed and she left with a lip kiss. After that we had lot of such sessions for 2 weeks and when my parents came back we have sex whenever I get my place empty.

Any aunties or bhabies or girls can contact me on mohit02agarwal [at] yahoo [dot] in for sex in Mumbai and they will get complete satisfaction. I will be waiting for your comments on my experience.